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Coordinating senior management points of view

... between different global perspectives

Defining winning strategies beyond trade-offs

At least one matrix is associated to each global viewpoint. In order to create a link between two such viewpoints, we cross-tab the two associated matrices. Resulting crossings take on a table format, as space-sharing and coordination ground between the proponents of each point of view. The goal is to define a winning strategy for both A and B, beyond compromise. Then we examine the details of underlying data, as there may be global convergence yet divergence at the local level.

Coordinating best functions and competencies

On the level of an executive committee or a management team, it is important to best coordinate the views of various functions and specific skills involved. The “Matrix Business Analysis™” approach brings a practical forum to make decisions on a rational and explicit basis. Crossing points of view and associated matrices, we assess convergences and divergences between alternate perspectives and objectives; as well as potential off-shots elsewhere in the enterprise.




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