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Managing complexity with « Matrix Business Analysis™»

Management Consulting

Our range of consulting and other services gravitates around decision support and complexity management. Our customers include private and public organizations. The long experience we have accumulated in the field has enabled us to formulate a management approach coined “Matrix Business Analysis™" or simply "MBA" (see Concepts) which provides a unique strategic perspective to our customers. Services we provide to our customers can focus around this approach.

Customer Profile and Value Add

Our customers are concerns of all sizes and all sectors of activity. They are usually characterized by the need to manage complexity, whether decisions are taken at a global or at a more operational level: scope of product lines, size of clients portfolio, suppliers and more. Complexity is not restricted to large companies: A medium size business in the retail sector for example, may have thousands of products and customers to manage.

Complexity also derives from markets and competition, where supply and demand often becomes large and complex to grasp. We are accustomed to working with market data from sources such as Nielsen, IRI, IMS, IDC ... and sales data provided by large retailers to its suppliers.

The added value we bring to our customers enables them to better manage the complexity inherent to their business model, rather than to simplify and streamline, to the potential impediment of business performance and results. In addition, we do not leave our customers with a one-time study, but also with a tool (see our 4S Manager product), in order to manage in the long haul: for instance by better coordinating senior decisions and objectives, and by taking into account divergences between strategic and operational viewpoints.


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