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Reconciling different viewpoints

For effective coordination of decision-making ...

Pervasive decision support

Decision-making and decision support are relevant today to all corporate functions, from the global level (reporting, scorecards) down to operations (decisions made around operational processes). The coordination of a web of decision-making and management objectives, remains an open and complex problem. Gone is the time when all managers were supposed to work from a unique perspective, declined at all levels throughout an organization.

Different points of view

Complexity comes about when managers carry different viewpoints on the company’s business, depending on their attachment to a peculiar function, professional skill, region...

Between global and local viewpoints, disparities are also significant and often difficult to take into account.

How then is it possible to define and link viewpoints, so that decision-makers can find common grounds for discussion and express their convergences and divergences of views around areas of shared decision?

Groping with complexity

To meet these requirements, EFFIS has developed an approach for complexity management, named "Matrix Business Analysis™" (or "MBA"). It combines alternate views through visualization, exploration and segmentation of business and market data. Such an approach provides a better grasp, without necessarily having to reduce it, of the complexity inherent to an industry or a company and its organizational structures.


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