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Our U.S. Retail Beer model represents a unique opportunity for emerging and establised companies in the beer industry to work “hands-on” with an experienced team of consultants possessing deep knowledge in executive management, the beer industry, analytics and strategic planning.

Typical engagements

Initial engagements with clients may begin as follows:

  • Executive webinars/workshops with the live beer model and on-the-fly analysis
  • Customized exploration of the beer model content and further simulations
  • Post webinar/workshop engagement with EFFIS principals to maximize insights
  • Licensing of the beer model and providing training
  • Additional In-Depth/Specific Custom Engagements

    Further engagements with clients may include:

    • Custom model building with client market data and/or internal data
    • Client model(s) updates & workshops
    • Ongoing staff and senior management support

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