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Investigate Disruptive Change in the Industry

The U.S. Retail Beer Market Simulation Model

  • Rapid Insights into a Complex Industry under Transformation
  • Unique Channel / Supplier Perspectives for all Stakeholders
  • Construction of Growth/Decline Custom Scenarios on the fly
  • Integration of Strategic, Operational and Tactical Viewpoints

The U.S. beer industry is undergoing transformative change. Salient trends are underway, including increased supplier regionality, accelerated product innovation, expanding sales channels, and consumer brand/style preference shifts. A new generation of consumers markedly prefers craft beer over legacy brands that have dominated for years. How is this restructuring impacting industry stakeholders? Where might the market go next?

EFFIS Consulting has built a powerful and customizable analytical model that covers the off-premise beer market in America. It is meant to assist executives (from retailers, distributor, brewers, brand conglomerates, and financial institutions) in making decisions that affect both top and bottom lines. Working as a team with us, they will gain insight into competitive strategies and business development opportunities.

Providing Strategic Vision into the US Beer Market

Overview of Retail Channels (or brands, packs, regions…)
Matrix views of key metrics provide strategic perspective
Strengths/Weaknesses identified for better planning
Color coded “Governance Rings™” give X-ray vision

The model provides a solid basis for understanding market fundamentals. It is an stepping stone for simulating future trends, industry restructuring, mergers, acquisitions or other strategic concerns. The model leverages public information, specific assumptions and industry knowledge.

Fact Sheet / Specifications

The US Beer Model has been developped using Effis Consulting's proprietary Stategic Support System Software environment called 4S Manager. The tools offers a transparent approach to data visualization. Its unique navigation mode is intuitive and easy to master (Drill-Down Anywhere™). Response times are almost instantaneous, allowing data exploration and simulation in real time. 4S Manager is both powerful, “lightweight” and easily installed on a laptop. It can also create custom functions and sophisticated indicators, depending on the specific needs of each enterprise, each line of business line, and each functional area (be it sales, marketing, logistics or operations)

Assess Top Craft Profitabilty


Find Growth Opportunities


Explore Strategic Viewpoints



Navigate - Global to Detail


Investigate key segments


Rich Metrics & Simulations



Principal Analysis Dimensions and Metrics

The US Beer model provides on the fly responses to strategic questioning. The response time is exceptional thanks to an optimized data engine and underlying proprietary algorithms. One can explore in many different dimensions. By:

  • Channels (9): grocery, supercenter, drugstore, mass merchant/dollar, convenience, club, independent liquor store, independent store chain
  • Retail Geography: states (51), census division areas (9), regions (4)
  • SKU (over 12000): product name, brand; brewer; parent co; geo origin
  • Product Kind (7): national, craft, crafty, import, other; type; variety
  • Packaging (4): container type; pack size; bottle/can/keg; volume
  • Basic and Calculated Indicators (100s): estimated units, revenue, retail price, cost, stock, % margin, % mix, price/volume, units/pack, volume/unit...

Applicable Functional Areas:

  • Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Finance, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing
  • Pricing and Margin Analysis
  • Category Management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Applicable Company Types:

  • Retail and Grocery Chains
  • Brands Conglomerates
  • Fast Growing Craft Producers
  • Beer Distributors and Importers
  • Private Equity & Financial Services

About EFFIS Consulting

EFFIS Consulting has been consistently engaged at the intersection of strategy consulting and analytics. A boutique firm, our experienced team brings a strong combination of corporate and practical experience, as well as extensive intellectual capital. As needed, we build custom models for our customers based on multiple financial or operational sources, including in-house data or market intelligence data that they may have purchased. We typically team-up with our customers at the board or key executive level in a workshop format to gain real-time strategic insight over enterprise or market data.


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