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Perspectives 1:

A 20/20 View of the Craft Beer Market

Transformative Industry Growth

Using our U.S. Retail Beer Model we have developed a “20/20” simulation scenario which projects by the year 2020 that the Craft beer segment will achieve $10.3 billion in U.S. off-premise sales. This represents a 50% rate of growth from 2014’s $6.4 billion off-premise sales. In this scenario, by 2020 Craft also reaches a 20% dollar share of the total U.S. beer market. .../...

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Perspectives 2:

SAB Miller & AB InBev in 2020

Laggards or Leaders ?

Imagine that in 2020, AB InBev and SAB Miller’s combined portfolios control "just" 55% (versus 2014’s 63% dollar share) of the U.S. off-premise beer market. The above scenario would amount to a massive $4 billion negative retail sales gap, posing huge challenges for these two companies and to the industry at large. Amidst such change, it behooves all industry stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of the changes facing the industry’s two largest suppliers. Is the Above Scenario Realistic? .../...

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Perspectives 3:

The Supercenter Opportunity in 2020

Explosive Growth in Domestic Ales

Spanning 49 states across 3600 stores, and with 100 million weekly shoppers, Meijer and Walmart's Supercenter outlets comprise a massive off-premise retail sales channel. While historically serving lower and lower-middle income consumers, this channel is demonstrating interest in moving "up-market", particularly in the Craft sector.

Helping buoy this initiative is the purchasing power and the shifting brand/beer style demand preferences of Millennials. It's no longer just a Bud-Light, Pabst, Miller, Coors, and Corona world at Walmart! .../...

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